The EDGEclick Advantage

The EDGEclick Network offers a unique advertising opportunity to a number of different industries. Since the EDGEclick Network is limited to the official websites of Pennsylvania School Districts, we can make a reasonable judgment of the network’s reach. The majority of visitors to these school district sites are the parents of school-aged children, generally in the 25-50 year old demographic and in the prime of their spending years.

Parents of school-aged children are purchasing, furnishing, and improving homes, planning retirements and college funds, purchasing and maintaining vehicles, purchasing large appliances, utilizing child care, choosing appropriate medical care, and making endless other important buying decisions which will drive up any advertising campaign’s ROI.

With the competitive pricing we offer, the EDGEclick Network would be a welcome addition to your advertising budget, with a measurable ROI and the ability to tailor a campaign to your exact geographical needs.