Feb 6

Don’t Leave Money On The Table: Advertising revenue from your website is waiting!


In late January our company had the privilege of presenting our revenue sharing advertising network at a Business Administrators Luncheon for the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. We wanted to bring more awareness to the commodity that all the business managers school districts already hold: Traffic on their district website.

Our network is a turnkey solution with no upfront costs except the time administration takes to meet with us, and the time the district IT personnel spends installing our code. We have worked with many participating districts who have used a variety of design platforms so we were comfortable telling those in attendance that installing the ads on a district site would not be very difficult.

By using our network model, we project to send one of our larger participating school districts over $20,000 in 2014. Those previously unavailable funds could help support a popular scholastic program, or even fund an educational field trip.  We have also found the ads proved to be beneficial for some faculty members, who used them as instructional materials in multimedia and marketing classes.

We realize that this may not be a windfall of revenue that solves all budget problems; but, with no cost to a district to join the network, the advertising revenue generated can only help.

We continue to welcome the opportunity to meet with any district administration to discuss this profitable option specific to their district.  Contact us today!