Mar 5

EDGEclick Advertising is kicking off its 2nd year with strong results


ELLWOOD CITY, PA (March 2015) – EDGEClick Advertising is happy to be kicking off its second year as the only digital advertising network in the state of Pennsylvania that offers digital display advertising on the websites of public school districts.

target-webThe network has now delivered revenue from advertising to over two dozen school districts and new districts are joining every month.  With over two dozen school districts in the Pittsburgh Metro Area and pilot districts having been launched in the Erie and Philadelphia Metro Areas, the network has proved to be a great way for districts to generate revenue with no capital expenditure.

The shared income arrangement is based off of paid advertising which is solicited and distributed on the network of publishing districts by EDGEclick Advertising.  The network arrangement began in January 2014 with the twelve school districts that were contracted at the time.  Since then, network participation has grown to 25 publishing districts with additional districts contracted and waiting for ad implementation.

The most attractive thing to school districts is the shared revenue agreement.  That means that there is NO cost to a district to join the network.  Throughout 2014, EDGEclick was able to send nearly $50,000 to its member schools, and hopes to double that number in 2015.  No district has ever written a check TO EDGEclick Advertising, but plenty of districts have cashed checks FROM EDGEclick!

“It’s a win-win situation,” said Eric Venezie, President of Thought Process Enterprises, EDGEclick’s parent company.  “Districts continue to publish content on their websites as they have always done, but now that content generates revenue that can be used to offset the cost of the website itself, or for any other purpose that the district sees fit.”

As can be expected, the EDGEclick network only serves family-friendly, “G” rated advertisements.  No content that would not be suitable for a school-aged child is permitted to be served through the network.  In addition, all networks are able to filter individual advertisements as they see fit.  This dual-layered security ensures that no questionable content ever reaches a reader of a district’s website.

Joining the EDGEclick network is easy.  Simply contact EDGEclick to schedule a one-on-one meeting with your administration to get started!