FAQ for Districts

faqSeems easy, can I do it myself?

In theory, yes. It would require quite a capital expenditure for a district to take on this task itself. It would require sales reps to solicit the ads, programming time to install and manage an advertising server, graphic designers to design the advertisements, and administrative time cutting invoices and collecting on overdue balances. EDGEclick is able to streamline these processes by serving multiple districts utilizing the same processes.

How much money are we due to make?

Income is ultimately based off of the traffic to your website. Clear web traffic is hard to collect until we have clear analytics or a sample available.  There is NO cost to open a dialogue with TPE or enter into the network – so any money is better than no money, really.

I have heard that ad networks put cookies on our users’ computers. Is that the case with this network?

No, this network is what is called a “non-predictive” network and does not install or read any cookies on your users’ computers.

Will my site be ‘overrun’ and saturated with graphic advertisements?

Our publisher’s agreement simply states that a maximum of two, industry standard advertisements are required to appear within the first 1,000 pixels of the webpage.  The visual integrity of your site and your paid income from the advertisements solely rests in your hands.

What type of content will be served through the network?

No content that would not be appropriate for school-aged children will be permitted on the network. No sex, tobacco, alcohol gambling, provocative, political, (etc.) will be allowed to be advertised. This would include both the advertisements themselves as well as the sites being linked to through the advertisements. A list of prohibited content can be found HERE.  In addition, each district has control of individual ads as well, which brings us to the next question:

What sort of ad management do we have as publisher?

You have full control! EDGEclick provides each participating school district with a dashboard log-in to manage and review the most important aspects of their publishing website. Dashboard administrators are able to view ads currently appearing, moderate in/out advertisers that the district may not want to appear, and run reports showing volume of impressions and most importantly… money due to the school as part of participating in the network!

Can we “opt-out” of the network once we have signed up?

EDGEclick is requesting a contracted commitment including a full calendar year.  After the initial commitment, participating districts may opt out at any time with 90 days written notice.

As the network grows, will I see any changes in my site performance or income?

No. EDGEclick places strict limitations on size of graphic ads to serve through code that appears within your district webpages. The size restriction is equivalent to a fraction of a second load time on broadband internet service. Advertisements are held on EDGEclick servers ensuring a true, third-party advertising network.

What about the income?

Although a budding network could see an increase of participating publishers, individual publishers are still due income based on their individual website performance. You keep doing what you do to publish your website content and information and EDGEclick continues to do what we do best – bring income to your website with paid advertisers. There is power in numbers, and an added benefit of an increased network is an increased cumulative number of impressions available to paid advertisers. A larger network could yield larger paying figures for advertisers and, in turn, larger pay outs to participating districts.

How can we help the sales efforts related to my district website?

Understanding that members of the district may be business professionals, owners, or hold relations to area businesses, EDGEclick does offer a commission-based referral in it’s publisher’s agreement. If a new advertiser is referred to spend on the network, the publisher will receive a 5% commission on the advertisers spend across the entire network. This commission would be paid separately from normal network revenue. A ‘new advertiser’ would be defined as an advertiser that is not already in some stage of the sales process with EDGEclick and its sales staff.

Do I get paid from the advertiser or EDGEclick?

EDGEclick takes care of all the invoicing, bill collection, and, with our powerful ad network software, payment to each publisher. You will receive a check each month from Thought Process Enterprises (The Parent Company of EDGEclick Advertising) for your district website’s share of paid impressions.