Apr 17

Fourth Allegheny County school district joins our advertising network


According to an Pittsburgh newspaper report, South Allegheny School District will be contracting with an Thought Process Enterprises to take advantage of Thought Process’ EDGEclick Advertising network of Pennsylvania public school districts.

South Allegheny School District becomes the fourth district in Allegheny County to contract with Thought Process Enterprises.  The growing number of school districts contracting shows a continued and growing interest among Western Pennsylvania based school district whom may seek online advertising as a means of revenue to their respective school districts.

As its currently comprised, the EDGEclick network  is currently serving advertisements on over a dozen school districts across Beaver, Butler, Indiana, and Lawrence Counties.  The extended reach allows all participating districts to reap the benefits of paying advertisers spend.  The network has grown into a valuable resource for advertisers, both small and regional sized, who can target their advertising campaign .  It also allows EDGEclick to frame the advertising as an advertisement, rather than as a donation to the district when selling the online inventory.

The networks revenue sharing network configuration offers full control to the member districts as far as what advertisements they allow on their site.   There is no cost to join the network, no membership fees and no maintenance fees.

Many additional districts in the Pittsburgh-metro market as well as districts as far north as Erie, Pennsylvania and as far east as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have shown interest in the web advertising services offered by EDGEclick Advertising and Thought Process Enterprises.  Thought Process Enterprises is working on securing additional contracts with intention of selling network advertising space in its full capacity in the 2015-2016 school year.

source: http://triblive.com/neighborhoods/yourmckeesport/yourmckeesportmore/5946272-74/district-revenue-allegheny