May 19

Freeport Area School District


Freeport Area School District lies along the banks of the Allegheny River and is on the mouth of Buffalo Creek. It is located about 25–30 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The community is a mix of Pittsburgh suburbia and rural areas. Freeport is home to the Yellowjackets and Buffalo Elementary School, South Buffalo Elementary School, Freeport Area Middle School, and Freeport Area High School. Buffalo Elementary School, the Freeport Area Middle School, and the Freeport Area High School, along with the Administration building, are in Sarver, Butler County, and South Buffalo Elementary School is located in South Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania in Armstrong County.

Location: Sarver, Pennsylvania
County: Butler/Armstrong County

  • Population: 11,731 50.0% Male – 50.0% Female
  • Age: Median age is 41.3 years old
  • Household size: 2.57
  • Family size: 2.93
  • Marriage: 61.4% Male – 62.8% Female
  • Children: 37.0% of households with own children under 18
  • Education: 93.2% high school graduate or higher
  • Income: mean household income $67,015
  • Vehicle: 96.6% of households own a vehicle, 70.1% have 2 or more
  • Median House Value: $150,100
  • Number of Households: 4,809
  • Home Owners: 85.7% of households are owner-occupied