Pricing and Placement

Participating district websites will welcome full color, industry-standard sized ads required to appear within the content area of each page in which they are coded to appear.

By these simple requirements, paying advertisers are ensuring a visual impression at industry size comparable to other online media purchases. Districts have the ability to monetize as much or as little of their entire website as they choose. The more pages carrying ad-placing code, the more impression opportunity a paying advertiser will receive. Districts are only required to support one advertisement and only optimize their homepage, but many districts are taking advantage of styling larger amounts of their page to support graphic advertising.  SVSD-ALL_web

Advertisement Sizes:

Internet Advertising Bureau standard sizes for the three advertisements supported in our EDGEclick network include a 300 x 250 pixel box advertisement, a 728 x 90 pixel leaderboard advertisement, and a 160 x 600 pixel skyscraper advertisement.  Each advertisement takes up a similar amount of surface area.  Click Here for ad size examples.


Districts will combine to make millions of impressions available per year through our creatively constructed network. Campaigns are available to fit any advertising budget, priced on a cost per one thousand impressions (CPM) basis, with deep discounts available for long-term commitments. Price points are met at 300,000, 600,000, and 1.2m total impressions and campaigns can be budgeted monthly, quarterly, or annually. 1.2m+ purchases require a price quote.

CPM Rates vary with market conditions and number of school districts targeted. Please contact us to have a custom price quote prepared.

Total advertising spend must equal or exceed $450.00.

Creative Approval Process:

It’s important for a standard creative approval process in place. During this process, any creative that is submitted or designed will be checked for a number of factors. Any complex rich media advertising will be checked to make sure that it behaves properly and does not cause any problems for the sites.

Generally, the Creative Approval process can also include verifying the content and suitability of an ad.  The EDGEclick Advertising Network will make sure that any ads designed or offered don’t contain any objectionable material that violates our contract.

Creative that falls into the following categories will NOT be accepted. Discretion rests with EDGEclick Advertising, whom at times may be at the mercy of individual publishing districts.  This would include both the advertisements themselves as well as the sites being linked to through the advertisements.

Content that promotes, explicitly or implicitly, any type of illegal activity, violence, gambling, nudity, adult or provocative content, and online dating will NOT be accepted. Content containing profane language or imagery as well as content related to political candidates, organizations or initiatives, controversial issues such as abortion rights, religion, alternative lifestyle and other “hot button” issues will NOT be accepted. Any creative that mentions or pictures alcohol and tobacco, even those that do not explicitly promote the consumption, use or purchase of alcohol or tobacco products, will NOT be accepted.

In addition to graphic content restrictions, the creative approval process will decline advertisements violating technical guidelines such as the following.

Ads that play audio, lead to downloads, show extreme animation, expandable creative, and such interactive content may NOT be accepted. Landing pages may not spawn pop-up/popunder windows to the user whether served directly or indirectly by the advertiser. All landing pages must click-through and open in a new window.