Why EDGEclick Works

Advertise in your backyard or across multiple districts

target-webHow would you like to advertise your service, message, or porduct hundreds of thousands of times per month to consumers who are likely to be in the purchasing prime of their lifetimes?

With our EDGEclick Network of school district web properties, your message can be displayed on district web pages throughout Western Pennsylvania. Local to one district? Focus spending in a concise area to maximize impact. Need regional reach or blank advertising? Go broad with multiple district advertising that reaches a larger number of web visitors.

The EDGEclick Network is a network of public school districts in Western Pennsylvania offering banner advertising on their district websites.  Districts and their web properties comprising our advertising network will combine to make MILLIONS of impression per year! Campaigns are available for small and large budgets with deep discounts for long-term advertising commitments. Advertising is sold on a cost per one thousand impression (CPM) basis.

Introductory rates and spends are available for interested advertisers with price breaks available at 300,000, 600,000, and 1.2 million impression counts. Bundle a large-scale impression purchase over multiple districts over a long term to reap the benefits of low-cost advertising. Pour a larger impression spend into a targeted district to exercise the biggest bang for the buck with targeted advertising sure to reach your intended audience.

According to a 2012 Neilsen Report, when asked “What would lead you to increase ad spending?”, 42% of respondents answered “ability to verify delivery of advertising to intended audience.”

You’re reaching a hyper-targeted demographic:

Advertising on school district websites gets your message out to a hyper-targeted demographic, including parents of school-aged children, aged 25-50, who are in the purchasing prime of their lifetime. Buyers with children are often homeowners with an eye on family and life purchases. The majority of visitors to district websites are those who live in the community and by advertising, you’re reaching a relevant and affluent audience who wants to support local business.

Often, a significant amount of time is spent on understanding the characteristics, needs, wants, and lifestyles of your consumers. This allows you to effectively craft advertisements for your products and services and market messages they respond to. With the EDGEclick platform of school district websites, your industry research is already complete. You can now target your advertising spend based on household characteristics like income, age, and other characteristics specific to individuals that frequent school district websites. It’s easy!


Our CTR is higher than industry standard:

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is one of the metrics that digital display advertising campaigns are measured on, and literally means the rate at which website viewers click an online advertisement. Industry averages are displayed in the graphic, and most hover between .03 and .05%. Research also shows that online ads increase brand awareness and purchase intent as well.

While the direct response rate is low in general, the good news is that the average click through rate for advertising on the EDGEclick network is .15%, 3-5 times higher than the industry average. In addition, when advertising on the EDGEclick network, not only are you increasing brand awareness, but you are increasing brand awareness in your local community while showing support for public education.


Schools are still pillars in the community:

As a local or perhaps regional business to many districts, you’re familiar with the stringent budget cuts facing districts, causing many to scramble to match budgets and find spare change to help their district. With advertising participation in the network, not only do you spend your advertising dollars on a more viable, dynamic, and reportable product, but your business, when seen on your local or regional district webpages, gives an underlying message of support to the district. Schools are still viewed as pillars in the community, and by supporting the district you are supporting the youth of the local communities. It’s a powerful, underlying message that is offered with paid advertising with EDGEclick.


Revenue-By-MarketIt’s a buyer’s market:

Over the last five years, and stretching back ten years, advertising spend in the market has shown a drastic increase in focus to internet advertising (digital ad spend crested $10B for the first time in Q4 2012).  Reallocate some of your current advertising spend that may be tied up in ‘dead’ media (i.e. newspaper, print, etc.) and explore the world of online advertising.

Online advertising is a quantifiable spend with access to reports that can help you evaluate your online purchase. Full color design and animation are always available for designing purposes. With our school district platform, your audience is specific to those who may frequent an educational website either for their own use or son or daughter’s well-being.




It is an affordable spend:

In evaluating advertising spend using various other media across the Western Pennsylvania region, the EDGEclick advertising network is the most affordable spend based on a cost-per-thousand CPM model. Introductory rates and average purchases center a campaign on the EDGEclick network at $8.00/CPM. Campaigns are available for small and large budgets with deep discounts for longer terms and larger spends.

The power of the network is that most advertising opportunities are subject to negotiation. Our goal is to ensure our advertiser is displaying its message to the best demographic possible.