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Support public education in your community while reaching your customers in a unique and different medium – on the website of the school their children attend!

Targeted Advertising

Campaigns can target one individual district, several districts in the same geographic area, multiple districts with similar demographic profiles, or all of our 30+ districts.  All campaigns are fully customized according to our clients’ specifications

Show Goodwill

50% of the cost of your advertisements goes directly to the school district that it runs on, and your message is delivered alongside the school’s content, showing your support for public education in your community.

Flexible Campaigns

With all of the capabilities of modern ad serving, we can support rotating creative or custom delivery, and we provide complete, accurate reporting through our IAB compliant ad serving software.

How it Works

Our Onboarding Process

Our advertising is priced by volume on a CPM (cost-per-1,000 impressions) basis.  Due to the fact that we work with over 30 school districts, we go through a customized onboarding process with each new client, as no two campaigns on our network are ever the same.

We offer support every step of the way, including full reporting on all ad campaigns, monthly billing, flexible payment options, complementary ad design, and as a local company based in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, our clients can reach us by phone or in person to accommodate their requests.

  • Targeting

    The first step in our process is to determine which of our public school districts a client wishes to target, which allows our team to recommend a campaign volume to help that client achieve their campaign goals,

  • Planning

    Once the school districts to be targeted have been identified, our team will provide several options for campaigns with different proposed shares of voice (SOV) and lengths of commitment.

  • Creative and Delivery

    Our creative team will work with you to design your advertisement (free with most campaigns), or you can provide your own artwork within our provided specifications.  Once approved, our ad operations team will ensure your ads are delivered according to plan!

Pricing and Participating Districts

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About EDGEclick

EDGEclick Advertising operates as a division of Thought Process Enterprises, a traditional and digital marketing firm headquartered in Ellwood City, PA.  We have been providing advertising services to schools since 2012.

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