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No Cost

Our advertising network has no cost to join.


Compatible with all major K-12 website hosting platforms

Ad Review

All ads are individually reviewed by district staff BEFORE being published.

Utilize Unsold Space

Our network provides the option to utilize unsold ad space to highlight district activities & events.

Why EDGEclick?

What separates EDGEclick from the competition?


EDGEclick has been providing cost-free revenue to Pennsylvania public school districts since 2012.  Our representatives are sensitive to the K12 market and understand the types of advertising to solicit.

Local and Regional Advertisers

Unlike other firms, because EDGEclick deploys real sales representatives in your local community, our advertisers tend to be local businesses that your parents know and trust.

Locally Owned and Operated

With “feet on the ground” in your local community, our sales reps meet prospective advertisers in person and represent your district in the best light possible.

Better Revenue Yields

Since EDGEclick focuses on local and regional advertisers, the revenue yields from your website impressions is generally higher than if larger national advertisers are displayed.

Participating Districts

Allegheny/Washington/Westmoreland Counties

Beaver/Lawrence/Mercer Counties

Butler/Armstrong Counties

Delaware/Montgomery Counties

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! All districts receive the right of first refusal for any advertising, and all advertising is sent to district staff for approval before running. District representatives may also have previously approved ads pulled at any time, for any reason.

Income is ultimately based off of the traffic to your website. Clear web traffic is hard to collect until we have clear analytics or a sample available. The earlier we serve advertisements on your website, the quicker we can get concrete impressions from our server software.

No. EDGEclick places strict limitations on size of graphic ads to serve through code that appears within your district webpages. The size restriction is equivalent to a fraction of a second load time on broadband internet service.

EDGEclick can and has worked with all major K-12 website hosting platforms.   Our code and advertisement sizes are industry standard and accessible.

EDGEclick requests an initial commitment that runs through the end of the calendar year following contract signature. After the initial contract term, no further commitment is required and continued participation in the network would be on a voluntary basis (We require 90 days written notice to allow us to wind down any active campaigns).

Absolutely.  All of our advertisements serve simple image files that are tagged to alert web readers of an advertisement.  In addition, we do not permit sound or video in our advertisements.

In theory, yes. It would require quite a capital expenditure for a district to take on this task itself. It would require sales reps to solicit the ads, programming time and cost to install and manage an advertising server, graphic designers to design the advertisements, and administrative time cutting invoices and collecting on overdue balances. EDGEclick is able to streamline these processes by serving multiple districts utilizing the same processes.

Our sales representatives are specifically trained to sell this product as an advertising expense, not as a donation. The pricing for the product, in and of itself, is designed and geared toward inclusion in a business’ advertising budget. Our reps are specifically instructed to be very clear in differentiating this advertising expenditure from a donation.


What some of our districts say about us

Heather Pelat

Director of Communications and Development, North Hills School District

“Working with EDGEclick Advertising is an absolute breeze! Our representative simply sends us banner advertisements they’ve sold for our website for approval and that’s it! It’s a simple revenue stream with minimal time commitment. I would undoubtedly recommend EDGEclick to any school entity. They are a wonderful company to work with!”

Linda Andreassi

Communications Director, Seneca Valley School District

“Our partnership with EDGEclick allowed us to create an incredibly successful website advertising plan that welcomes in local businesses and business leaders. With the experience and expertise of the EDGEclick staff, offering this service is a no brainer as it doesn’t require school staff to cold call businesses or pound the pavement. We couldn’t be more pleased with the product EDGEclick provides or the revenue stream it has created.”

About EDGEclick

Our Past, Present, and Future

Our experience with digital marketing dates back to 2007 when Thought Process Enterprises (TPE, our parent company) assumed day-to-day management of an online news resource in Ellwood City that is fully funded by paid advertising. Since then, TPE has been on the cutting edge of all things digital, including web development, digital advertising, SEM, PPC, and SEO.
EDGEclick gets it’s roots from a one-on-one consulting partnership that TPE entered into with a large Western Pennsylvania school district in Spring 2012. The pilot program with this district proved to be very successful, prompting TPE to create EDGEclick in order to expand the program to other districts.  We are happy to say that our pilot district continues to reap the benefits of EDGEclick’s efforts today.
With nearly 40 Pennsylvania districts utilizing our services in both the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia metro areas, EDGEclick continues to reach out to new districts regularly and strives to provide the most possible revenue to our current member districts.
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  • +1 (888) 561-5519
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